JFK Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK Airport)

JFK is the largest airport in New York with 59 million passengers (in 2017). Newark Airport had 35 million passengers and LaGuardia 23 million. JFK Airport is located in Queens County, on Long Island. The airport has 8 passenger terminals and is situated 19km from Lower Manhattan.

AirTrain JFK Airport

Most international visitors will arrive at JFK International Airport. The airport train (AirTrain JFK) does not run directly to Manhattan. Travelers must change to a subway train at Howard Beach Station or Jamaica Station. The AirTrain is free within the airport area and stops at all terminals and parking lots. AirTrain departs every few minutes from most stops. Travel time from the terminals to Jamaica Station or Howard Beach Station is about 10 minutes. A single ticket with AirTrain cost $5.

Subway or Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)

The AirTrain runs to Jamaica Station and Howard Beach Station. From these stations travelers must change to a MTA subway or Long Island Rail Road train (LIRR). The subway cost $2.75 but the total journey time is longer (50-60 minutes). The LIRR at at Jamaica Station runs to Manhattan West side (Penn Station) and Queens. The LIRR is faster (35 minutes) but cost $15.

Taxi JFK Airport – Manhattan

A taxi to anywhere in Manhattan is Flat Fee. This is excluding toll and tip (15 – 20%). With the Flat Fee, the meter will not be turned on and the night surcharge will not be added. Flat Fare Policy: If passengers request multiple destinations within Manhattan, the fare is $52 to the first passenger’s destination. Thereafter the meter will be engaged and a new trip and fare occurs. The Flat Fee is only for destinations within Manhattan. Ignore offers of transportation from solicitors in the terminal. Four passengers (five in minivans) is the limit for New York City cabs. The trip will take 30-60 minutes depending on traffic.

Bus JFK Airport – Manhattan

There are several shuttle buses to Manhattan. The airport bus stops at the airport at every terminal at the public transportation bay. The trip takes 45 minutes and is an easy way to get into central Manhattan. The disadvantage is that it can take some time before all passengers are on board of the bus. The bus follows a prescribed route. If your stop is the last one on the route, the bus trip will take a long time.